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Honeywell is a leading global manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE) and a provider of safety services and solutions. We help companies worldwide build an enduring culture of safety, ensuring that employees make safer decisions on their own.

Honeywell offers:
Hearing protection, 
Respirtory protection,
Eye, face and head protection,
Protective gloves,
Fall protection
Gas detection
Electrical safety

About the company: the Company Dräger (Draeger), Germany, from 1889 working in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. The PRODUCT RANGE:For oil refining and chemical production, mining, fire and rescue services, police, pharmaceutical industry, shipbuilding, metallurgy and many other industries Dräger offers world-class products and technologies:

  • personal protective equipment: filter respirator, emergency escape breathing devices, protective glasses;
  • professional breathing apparatus;
  • a wide range of portable gas detection and gas monitoring in the working zone, including high-precision sensors of own production;
  • gazoizmeritelnuyu for short-term measurements;
  • complete solution for working in confined spaces;
  • professional imagers;
  • a wide range of chemical protective suits;
  • alcohol and marketecture series Alcotest and Drugtest.
OOO "Vizitek"

About the company: Vizitek - technology company, the resident of SKOLKOVO innovation center, the products of which are software solutions designed to enhance the level of industrial safety, labor protection and production efficiency of enterprises. 

The RANGE of PRODUCTS: Integrated security management system (ISABR), modular intelligent system for the automation of industrial safety and labour protection, which aims to coordinate the work, manage workflow and ensure the proper level of security of people, equipment and the industrial facility as a whole. ISABR consists of the following software modules:

  • E-permit
  • Surveillance and intervention
  • Manage events
  • personnel Management
  • auditing and inspection
  • Key performance indicators
CARABELLI S. R. L. (Italy)

About company: the Official, certified international concern for the electrification of ENEL S. P. A. Manufacturer of personal protective equipment and unique systems for safe ascent on the supports of overhead lines and substation of 0,4-750 kV, equipment for the construction and operation of transmission lines and substations, founded in 1920. 


  • ultra-lightweight, personal protective equipment against falls from a height.
  • Portable anchoring device for lifting concrete and wooden poles of PL and PS.
  • System to create a flexible anchor line on steel towers overhead line 35-750 kV.
  • System to create a flexible anchor line on concrete, wood supports OTL 0.4-10 kV and telecommunication masts.
  • Fixed a rigid anchor line for ascent to all existing types of supports, lighting masts and telecommunications.
  • Ladder with rigid anchor line for ascent to all existing types of supports of overhead lines and substation, overhead contact system, railway wagons and locomotives and substation equipment.
Group of companies VENTO

About the company: a leading Russian manufacturer of means of individual protection from falling during work at height. 


  • Fixed anchoring system for fall protection when working at height
  • Equipment for work at height in explosive environments
  • fire retardant personal protective equipment for work at height
  • rescue and evacuation
  • Kit for remote installation of anchor lines on legs
  • lift Kit for wooden and reinforced concrete supports “Energy”
OOO "Vending Box"

About the company: the Russian manufacturer of vending machines and automated warehouses for industrial use. 


  • vending machine industrial D540
  • vending machine industrial L38

About company: a leader in the Russian market of PPE against falls from height. One of the first to offer its customers advanced solution in the field of safety work at height - stationary safety systems.


  • safety harness
  • webbing
  • lanyards with shock absorber
  • immobilizer
  • fixed systems and anchor points
  • tripods and devices evacuation
  • flexible anchor line

About the company: a dynamic versatile company that leads its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The main activity is the production of products in the field of labour protection and organization of safety on the roads. 


  • safety signs 12.4.026-2015;
  • the posters and stands on labour protection;
  • blocking system and prevent "LOCKOUT-TAGOUT";
  • stands for the placement of protection for work in electrical installations "HASTAND" one HUNDRED 98158402.006-2010
  • photoluminescent evacuation system;
  • road signs, the signs for the railway transport, the signs for gas pipelines.
The company "UNIT MARK PRO”
The company “UNIT MARK PRO” specialize in procurements of industrial products from Europe and the USA for 19 years in the following fields: safety at manufacture, marking, tools for electrical mounting, chemical products, absorbents and cables.

 The official distributor of corporation in the Russian Federation:
  • System LOTO – clamps, couplings, labels
  • - Visualization – floor standing stickers, safety sings
  • - Equipment for print (portable and industrial printers)
  • - Absorbents for gathering of seepage
was founded in 1992 and has become one of the leading Russian manufacturers of
workwear and safety footwear and distributor of PPE. Technoavia’s industrial facilities are located in Russia and
are equipped with high-performance equipment; including 7 clothing factories and 1 footwear factory. Every year
these factories produce 5,500,000 sewn products and 900,000 pairs of footwear.
Technoavia has branches in 87 Russian cities and representations in the Near
Abroad countries, in Czech Republic and UAE.
CJSC CROC incorporated
CROC has been working in the IT market since 1992 and is today one of the top 10 IT companies (RIA Rating, Kommersant Dengi, Expert Rating Agency, 2015-2016) and the top three consulting businesses (Kommersant Dengi, Expert Rating Agency, 2016) in Russia.
CROC regularly ranks among the top three Russian IT service providers to the finance (TAdviser, 2016), healthcare and transportation (CNews, 2016), energy and manufacturing (Manufacturing Management portal, 2016) sectors.

  • To ensure industrial and occupational safety, CROC offers metering, data collection and processing, and universal drone and autopilot management systems, as well as portable devices, mobile and stationary medical diagnostic suites, biometric authentication tools, situation and command centers, etc. 
  • As a systems integrator, CROC can also implement integrated information systems (including its proprietary ones), computing suites, telecom and engineering infrastructure, as well as ensure information security and provide technical support for all solutions.

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